Janitorial Services

Three Pillars


Safety first, that goes along throughout the entire cleaning process: from selecting the right crew member for the task, thorough hiring screening and selection process and training, use of EPA-registered germicides, hazardous materials and waste disposal, use of caution signs and best hours for specific cleaning tasks, are a few of our main focus. Safety is always first.


Quality goes along with consistency. Incidents can happen, however they cannot be disruptive for the work environment. Constant customer feedback has proven to be the best tool to monitor and adjust any quality needs; that is why we keep open communication with our customers, using a variety of tools: walkthrough visits, phone calls, reporting tool app.


Your business budget its import to us. We manage a business that depends on a successful budget management, too; at the same time, it has to keep employees and contractors in synch with our business strategy and drive. Our prices are not based on a “high margin = high quality” approach, we manage a balanced operation that will give clear benefits to your bottom line.

Safety, Quality and Value are the pillars of our operation.

Execution is Key

Competence and Reliability

At Top Job, we are customer focused and customer driven. Our business philosophy of local service provider, with related capabilities, is the key to our success. Let us put our janitorial team to work on your cleaning project.

We have an experienced team, knowledgeable and committed to excellence.

Maintaining many facilities and serving customers in the Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties for over 25 years and now with expanded operations to: Pasco, Sarasota, Hernando, Manatee and Sumter Counties!

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